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Debunking Danny Ayalon revisionist myth

August 5, 2012

Daniel Ayalon video claims that, despite endless aspects of Palestinian life continue to be dictated by Israeli military from 1947-64 in Israel proper and ever since the 67 war in the West Bank and Gaza, there is no occupation. Ayalon’s remark about a lack of understanding about Israel’s right to these ‘disputed lands’ comes under real scrutiny.

It doesn’t required to be a scholar on international law or history to laugh at his argument commonly found in hasbara circles. As the Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel has taken up the challenge to revise history, he pretends to be taken seriously, at least in a way that the whole world is to believe his revisionist stance on the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

His views are all a very usual right wing practice of cherry picking sections of international law and historical facts to draft one’s narrative justifying one side of the story while blatantly denying the other.

Here is some of the wrongs he claimed as his ultimate truth:

1) min 0.55 He claims there is never a Palestinian nation or a Palestinian state.

It is truth that there wasn’t any state anywhere across the whole Middle East before the arrival of the Brits and French after the First War World. They brought nationalism to the former Ottoman Empire, however, yes there was a flourishing Arab Palestinian culture and the literature on the topic is vast – denying is simply ignorance. Arabs have lived on this land continuously for the last 1300 years. Palestinian ancestors date back long before that, to the ancient Canaanites and Philistines, who inhabited this land even before the Hebrews arrived. Even looking into ancient history: the Zionists are claiming their rights to Palestine based on the Bible, but Palestinian might be able to prove that their presence here predated theirs.

2) min 2.02 The name of Judea and Samaria is a biblical term used exclusively by Jews. The West Bank of the Jordan river makes a differentiation of the East Bank of the Jordan River. Since the Jordan river was there even before biblical times I cant see how this is an invention but more of a geographical identification of the area. Jordan did indeed occupied the West Bank giving all its residents citizenship and the Arab League declared the annexation a temporary, practical measure and that Jordan was holding the territory as a “trustee” pending a future settlement that also the Brits had no problem on recognizing.

3)min 2.16 The Brits offered the Hashemites what would become Jordan during at McMahon-Hussein Correspondence in 1915 way before Sykes-Picot and Balfour so Ayalon comment that Jewish had to compromise already a big part of the land is his absolute interpretation of international relations.

4) Ayalon claim that the 49 lines armistice lines have no political significance as they later become the 67 border but how is this possible when UN,US, EU, Quartet and all political stakeholders in the conflict actually recognised them.

5) He also claims the West Bank and Gaza are disputed. Again it is only disputed if you decide to ignore international law, of which Israel is a signatory. Also ignoring Geneva and Hague Convention only makes the pro-Israeli defense collapse under current legal frameworks. Sharon and Olmert have publicly said there is an occupation – why is Ayalon suddenly playing the part it is not?

6)Settlements and outpost are illegal under the same law that determines Israel status on the Palestinian territories. Not only they are illegal but stolen land from the Palestinians under the auspices of security. Lately, Migron, Ulpana, Susya and Hebron among other hundreds of location have cause outrage unanimously by the international community but the dear Deputy Prime Minister fails to see this.

Yet, in rejecting this made-up revionist story, we’re apparently supposed to believe that it’s the Palestinians who aren’t being reasonable.


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